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Random Axe is the supergroup comprised of Sean Price, Black Milk & Guilty Simpson. The rawest and most anticipated hip-hop supergroups to form in recent years. The self-titled album is entirely produced by Black Milk. Fans can expect hard-hitting production, witty word play & pure RANDOMNESS.

In 2008, while working on his debut album ‘Ode to the Ghetto’, Guilty Simpson teamed up with producer/emcee Black Milk and emcee Sean Price for the track “Run”. The collaboration marked the start of a new dynasty, as the three artists vowed to join forces in the future. On June 14th of 2011 their plan came to fruition with the release of Random Axe, the self-titled debut album by the newly founded hip-hop trio.

Already being praised as one of the premier rap super groups, Random Axe’s appeal comes from the blending of the different styles and experiences that each of the artists brings to the table. At the forefront is Sean Price, as both member of both Heltah Skeltah and Boot Camp Clik and also as a solo artist, Price has been dropping some of the hardest bars in hip-hop for well over a decade. A true representative of Brooklyn, his attitude is as raw and rough as the roots of hip-hop themselves.

Sharing the mic is Guilty Simpson, a Detroit native with the tendency to spit complex lyrics and heinous punch lines. Guilty has been recognized for his work with J Dilla, MF Doom, and Busta Rhymes among others, and has released two solo albums ‘Ode to the Ghetto’ and ‘OJ Simpson’ (which was produced entirely by Madlib). He brings another aspect to the Random Axe, and works well with Sean Price’s style; the two emcees compliment each other’s technique and bring the best out of eachother through friendly competition.

Black Milk holds down the production for the group as well as laying down a few bars here and there. His experiences working with greats such as J Dilla, Slum Village, Pharoahe Monch, and KRS-One (the list goes on and on), have taught him how to bring the best out of an artist, a skill evident in all Random Axe music. With a history of creating intricate beats with subtle production touches, the in your face style of rapping of Sean Price and Guilty Simpson creates an awesome juxtaposition of style. When asked how he brought all the artists’ the different methods together during interview with Pitchfork, Black Milk pointed out, “It’s easy for me to cater to an artist’s sound… [the beats] can still be raw and still be interesting at the same time.” 

From the beginning Random Axe’s goals have never been centered on making money. Instead the group focuses on cutthroat lyrics, trunk knocking beats, and a true hip-hop sound. Perhaps Guilty Simpson’s quote in a recent interview sums up the persona of the trio best, “The biggest issue that an artist today has is being ‘Mr. Commercial Man’ for the easy check… I want to be remembered as the group that did it our way.” 


by Random Axe