Skyzoo on MTV's RapFix Live with Chi-Ali & Sway (Video)


Skyzoo on MTV's RapFix Live with Chi-Ali & Sway (Video)

10/11/2012 - 5:52pm

Skyzoo was on MTV's RapFix Live, hosted by Sway, yesterday and brought out one of his biggest influences, Chi-Ali. Watch below as Skyzoo and Chi-Ali kick a freestyle. Hit the jump to hear Skyzoo respond to the critical acclaim A Dream Deferred is receiving and more. 

Chi-Ali's still got it! And you already know what Sky is capabale of. Watch the freestyle above.

Skyzoo speaks on the reception of A Dream Deferred and it being considered album of the year.

Skyzoo speaks on the story behind his single "Jansport Strings" and making the remix with Chi-Ali, the one influenced the record.

Head to MTV to watch more videos on Skyzoo & Chi-Ali. And purchase A Dream Deferred digitally or physically.

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Posted by Shane Gill