Mic Tyson & The Solution "Splatter" Vinyl Available Now


Mic Tyson & The Solution "Splatter" Vinyl Available Now

02/18/2013 - 2:31pm

Sean Price 'Mic Tyson' + 9th Wonder & Buckshot 'The Solution' are both available for sale on Vinyl at FatBeats.com.

There's also limited-editions that include a special splatter pattern on the Vinyl. The Mic Tyson edition comes with "Ape Blood Splatter" and the limited Laboratory-Edition of 'The Solution' Vinyl has "Green Solution Splatter."

Purchase: Mic Tyson Llimited-Edition Ape Blood Splatter Vinyl | Mic Tyson Regular Vinyl

Purchase: The Solution Limited Laboratory-Edition Green Solution Splatter Vinyl | The Solution Regular Vinyl

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Posted by Shane Gill