Black Moon Reflect on Enta Da Stage (HipHopDX)


Black Moon Reflect on Enta Da Stage (HipHopDX)

04/02/2013 - 12:46pm

After our SXSW showcase in Austin, HipHopDX met up with Black Moon to speak on a wide range of things including meeting in High School and the formation of Black Moon, getting Havoc on the album, their favorite memories of 'Enta Da Stage,' which they're currently celebrating the 20th Anniversary of:

Buckshot also spoke on working with Talib Kweli:
Kwe built a relationship with us through 3D, which is Duckdown Distribution. We have Duckdown Music and then we have 3D, Duckdown Distribution. A lot of people don’t want this logo all over them because, with all due respect, you want your own logo, so we specialize in that. We created a system in where we say, “Let us just give you our minds, and you do everything else—your logo, everything you do—and just our mind.” And that’s what Kwe has, Kwe is through 3D. Everything Kwe built is Kweli, so all we do is add on, like, “Hey Kwe why don’t you?” and then we distribute. Everything else is on them. This man is a genius as well.

Read the full article here where they speak on meeting 2Pac, their favorite songs off 'Enta Da Stage' and more.

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Posted by Shane Gill