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During a recruitment visit to the University of Pennsylvania during his senior year of high school, Naledge decided to enter a talent competition and see how his mic skills would hold up against the college kids. After a few freestyles and a clear dominance on stage, he was congratulated as the winner. Many of the students - now fans - urged Naledge to introduce himself to the DJ from New Jersey, Double-O, who at the time was still DJing parties on campus, but had also began dabbling in music production. Naledge, who went by J-Naledge at the time, impressed Double-0 during their brief time together, enough so that before the kid from the Southside of Chicago entered his freshman year at Penn, he and Double-0 formed a partnership that eventually spawned, Kidz in the Hall.

After the summer of 2000, Naledge and Double-0 pulled together their resources in efforts to begin recording songs. After creating a makeshift studio inside of an off-campus apartment, the duo made demo CD's and performed at local shows on the Pennsylvania and New Jersey underground hip hop scene. Any opportunity they had to hit a stage or a booth they did. After graduating, Double-0 made a move from the college campus in Philly to Los Angeles with the intentions of being closer to the industry while Naledge finished up at Penn.

By the time Naledge graduated and moved out to continue their musical journey, Double-0 had already made some solid connections with industry executives and heavy weights. Most notably was super producer Just Blaze, who after hearing some music, knew that Naledge and Double-0 had something the world needed to hear. He quickly put his stamp of approval on the project and even committed to overseeing their debut album. Just Blaze praised them saying “Kidz In The Hall are a breath of fresh air in this tired rap world we're living in right now. With the right push they could make a serious impact on what the rap game has become.” While Double-0 produced all songs on the Kidz album, Just Blaze will be a large contributor to the Naledge solo project as well.

Rawkus signed the duo to a group deal to release the Kidz In The Hall debut album, “School Was My Hustle,” near the end of 2006. With their debut release, “School Was My Hustle” Naledge and Double 0 are ready to wow both listeners and critics with not just songs, but anthems about life.

Duck Down Music, in an effort to continue to expand its roster, was proud to announce the signing of Kidz in the Hall in 2008. Double-0, the Producer/DJ and Naledge, the Lyricist/MC, Kidz In The Hall are looking to become one of hip-hop's most admired acts, destined to leave a legacy of artistic brilliance and after recently finishing their latest mixtape, “Detention,” and tour dates with Redman and their forthcoming sophomore LP, “The In Crowd,” they are well on their way to doing so. Kidz in the Hall were previously signed to Rawkus Records and released their debut, “School Was My Hustle,” on the imprint, but felt Duck Down Music would be the home that could help propel them to the next level.

Kidz In The Hall group members Naledge and Double-0 are equally excited about the union as Double-0 adds "I think that this deal is an excellent opportunity to spread our wings. Duck Down Music has proven that they can successfully promote independent acts on a major scale and their enthusiasm in our music let's us know that they are 100% behind making the Kidz In The Hall movement successful."

Kidz in the Hall's sophomore LP 'The In Crowd' was released in May 2008 featuring artists from Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and Estelle to Phonte and Sean Price. The album was lead by hit single "Drivin' Down the Block" which re-introduced Kidz in the Hall to the world. The remix with Pusha T, Bun B and The Cool Kids quickly became an anthem.

In march 2010 the duo followed up with their second release on Duck Down Music Inc. entitled 'Land  of Make Believe.' The album was the first to feature a large amount of production from guests (like Just Blaze, Bei Maejor, Boi-1da, Patrick Stump of Fall out Boy) as Double-0 produced 6 tracks. The album all though a solid effort was not as well received as 'The In Crowd.'

Naledge and Double-0 were determined for a comeback and to make even more noise with their fourth album 'Occasion.' The duo cites the album as the greatest music they have ever made and one best to be listened to in a party atmosphere. Occasion boasts a myriad of sounds, from classic the southern influnced/Pimp C ode "Pour it Up" which features Bun B and David Banner to percolating suave pop ambitions like title track "Occasion" and "That Good." Other features include Freddie Gibbs, Killa Kyleon, Marsha Ambrosius, Tabi Bonney Esthero and Curren$y (on the iTunes Deluxe version). Throughout the album Kidz in the Hall flex impressive range and make the feel good album of the year which dropped November 22nd, 2011.