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DJ Revolution began his career at the age of 13 on some dusty, old, mismatched, belt-driven turntables his grandfather pulled out of the attic. After hooking them up to a mixer they built from scrap metal in his garage, he started selling Top 40 and rock mixtapes to his sixth grade class. When he first heard 'The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On the Wheels of Steel,' which had already been out a few years, his whole idea of what a DJ was turned upside down.

Since then, DJ Revolution has spent 15 years perfecting his craft on the 1200s. Revolution has done just about everything you can think of with records. Spun’em, scratched’em, juggled’em, sampled’em, collected’em, produced’em, sold’em, distributed’em, promoted’em, and so on. But in 1996, after sending an outdated mixtape to King Tech, he could add one more item to the list of things he’s done with records: played’em on the world famous “Wake Up Show.” Two weeks after Tech contacted DJ Revolution, he was on the show doing regular guest spots. In ’97, when friend and crew member Prince Ice left the show, Rev took over the wheels, and has been holding ’em down ever since. The Wake up Show continues to make an impact on the global Hip Hop community through its many syndication affiliates and through television as well. Revolution has also been featured in many Hip Hop magazines including The Source, The Source France, Vibe, XXL, Elemental, Fader, Blast, Juice as well as other national and local publications.

Aside from his weekly duties on the Syndicated show based out of LA on Power 106, he has lent his now infamous scratch techniques to countless records and his production skills to many established artists and released too many mixtapes to name. He has also taken his skillz to the far corners as the globe and ripped clubs in locations such as Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He has also shared the stage DJing for many artists including legends like Rakim all the way to current superstars such as Kanye West. This of course also includes his traveling regularly within the states and Canada to deliver unforgettable sets on the Technics. Revolution has also released 2 of his own Full length LP’s: 'In 12’s we trust/R2K' and one with his partners Sway & Tech 'This or That.' 

He now owns and operates his label Millenia Music, on which he will continue to make classic contributions to the hip hop world through the material it puts out. However, no matter how involved in the business of being Hip Hop DJ Revolution becomes he will always be most comfortable standing behind two 1200’s.

In 2008, DJ Revolution partnered with Duck Down Music Inc. to release his solo album entitled 'King of the Decks' featuring some of the brightest artists in Hip Hop including KRS-One, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9", DJ Premier, Crooked I, Boot Camp Clik, Evidence and more. The album is entirely produced by DJ Revolution, excluding one track produced by labelmate Marco Polo).


by DJ Revolution