Buckshot - The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry

The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry

The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry

Duck Down Records

A beautiful 80 page, hard-cover book that is the same size as a standard CD digipak. The inside, back cover includes a CD insert with original audio from Buckshot.

The book is available in the audio section (Under 'B') at Best Buy, FYE, Borders & other independent record stores. In addition to the hard-cover book, e-book formats (with full color photos) is available at outlets such as iBook (iTunes), Kindle (Amazon), Sony Reader, & Nook (Barnes & Noble).

About the Book: 2010 marked the 15-year anniversary of Duck Down Music. Buckshot has taken his 15-year experience and has crafted a hard-cover book entitled 'The Common Knowledgy Of The Entertainment Industry.' The book is comprised of three stages. Buckshot first educates readers on the 'Basics' of the entertainment industry providing his definitions for terms associated within the business. Buckshot then transitions to the 'Framework,' or inner-workings of a music label and answers commonly posed questions that he receives from fans & interviewers. In the final stage, Buckshot unveils 'How It All Works,' and illustrates the process of putting the knowledge to use & executing proposed goals. Accompanying the book is a 16-track CD album. The album features original Buckshot music based on the concepts from within the chapters.

The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry tracklist:

1) What Is Entertainment?
2) What is Street Team?
3) What is a Producer?
4) What is an Executive?
5) What is Radio?
6) What is a Retail Rep?
7) How Do I Make A Record?
8) What is a Road Manager?
9) How Do Record Label's Function?
10) How Do I Become An Artist?
11) How Do I Get My Record To A DJ?
12) What is a CEO?
13) How Do I Get My Beats To MCs?
14) How Do I Sell At Digital Retail?
15) What Is A Marketing Campaign?
16) Outro